Ultimate Tumbler Screeners

The ultimate GKM Tumbler Screening Machine

X KTS 2600/4

As a standard equipped with free patented manual deck lifters for all new machines > 1600 mm diameter

Can be supplied also for old machines and other brands.

Now also available with pneumatic deck lifters and spanners for maximum usability.

Most important advantages

  • Extremely high screening efficiency obtainable by means of individually adjustable retention time for any product and capacity
  • Delivered operationally ready and adjusted to each product
  • Up to 7 fractions simultaneously on each machine
  • Low acceleration, long service life of all parts, no product destruction
  • Up to 100% availability in 24h operation with few maintenance requirements
  • Tough modular design, no dead corners, low part weights
  • Heavy pyramid base to counterbalance the rotating body
  • 100% statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free installation in steel structures
  • Automatic centering of screening inserts and strong intermediate rings and covers for simple and fast assembly and screen changing
  • Low construction height by means of reduced intermediate ring heights of 80 mm for best screen results on all decks
  • 100% dustproof thanks to simple fast-mounting Silicone clip-on gaskets on the intermediate rings, thereby dispensing with the requirement to exchange the formerly used U-shaped gaskets on the screen inserts
  • Easy dismantling and cleaning of all parts down to the conical base
  • Low noise level of approx. 75 db(A)
  • Optional: quick clamps for maximum time saving when changing screens
  • Favorable prices and short delivery times



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